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The Attack Of The ISombies: Episode 1: They’ve Come To Turn You


Zombies have launched an attack on Berlin, slaughtering anyone who gets in their way. While politicians run for cover, a mismatched group of young outcasts stands up to the challenge…

"Trashy." "Subversive." "Outrageous."



A Future You Wish You Never Knew


Population has doubled within the last twenty years, leading to a living hell where poverty, crime, and claustrophobia rule. Those who can afford it, have withdrawn to the well-protected gated communities, while the police have left entire neighborhoods to their own devices. In these lawless blank spots the authorities use so-called pushers to maintain a level of constant unrest between Arab clans, Turkish gangs, and Chechen brotherhoods. They are mavericks, men and women outside the law, who only answer to their supervisors based in the LKA, which is short for Landeskriminalamt, the State Office of Criminal Investigation. This is the story of Hauke the Pusher and Detective Natasha…


A Novella


"Sinister." "Corrosive." "Compelling."


A Map Of The Ghetto:




A Tower Below The Sea

An offshore oil rig. And a sinister secret. Six people, all up for a good party. They work for Global Companion, a multi-national corporation, and are now airlifted to a yacht anchored in the Atlantic. A one-week luxury vacation is awaiting the winners of the company sweepstakes. However, they are in for a tragic disappointment. A heavy storm forces the chopper’s pilot to risk an emergency landing on a darkened offshore oil rig, whose crew seems to have gone AWOL. Pools of blood strongly point to gruesome happenings on board. Soon, the first brutal murder occurs. Who is behind it? And who will be slaughtered next? The only answer seems to be death, an evil force which shrouds this island made of steel like a blood-red veil …

“Suspense in the extreme, a page turner, keeping you guessing until the end!” CharlieKaya, Amazon customer
“A roller-coaster ride, set out to trip readers, making them stumble through the depths of depravity. A definite page turner.” Cornelia D., Lovelybooks



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The World Behind The Window

After a major catastrophe an entire country is without hope. A young man travels to the site of the disaster in the quest for a document that carries the promise of a better future. The city is almost deserted. The few remaining inhabitants live in hiding in derelict buildings or in shelters deep below ground. Some of them seemed to be trapped in the city: a young woman, trying to save her brother. An old man, who cannot remember his past. An old guard, who cruises the streets at night. In the ruins of the city the young man again and again is confronted with the remnants of the Old Order. “Fear the smiling face of the angry man.” What is the secret behind the writings on the walls? When the young man reaches the end of his journey, he has learned the truth about the city and about himself.