Thriller von Karsten Krepinsky

Karsten Krepinsky is a German author and lives in Berlin. He holds a PhD in biology. When not working for a start-up company in the field of neurosciences, his passion is to write mystery, sci-fi, and horror novels. A great source of inspiration to Karsten—his name is the north German version of Christian—is the vibrant city of Berlin.
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The World Behind The Window (2012), translation from the German (Nicht die Welt)


German novels:
Blutroter Schleier (2019)
Vermächtnis der ISombies (2018)
Geheimnis der ISombies (2018)
Spreeblut (2017)
Berlin 2039: Der Tod nimmt alle mit (2016)
Wiedergeburt der ISombies (2016)
Bekehrung der ISombies (2016)
Rückkehr der ISombies (2016)
Angriff der ISombies (2015)
Nomadenseele (2015)
Nicht die Welt (2011)